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Throughout the years I have experienced lots of stages of graphic design, from conception to production, print and digital, experiencing the hole creation process. My main expertise is the development and direction of branding projects, I am passionate to represent identity, creating visual languages for each communication strategy case. As part of my experience in the field of branding I’ve also executed in the editorial field, where I have been involved in the creation of magazines, brochures, house organs and catalogs, coordinating the hole design process, from concept up to original multimedia outputs.

My main characteristics as a designer are my sensibility towards visual languages and my strategic mind. Working with beauty and functionality to convey a message, with a strong pursue of excellence.

I have diverse experience working with international clients, external partners and suppliers: creative directors, photographers, producers, models, illustrators, developers and printers; as well as coordinating work groups with creative professionals.

Nowadays I’m working remote for Studios, ONGs, Organizations and also entrepreneurs from different countries. And sometimes i go in-house to work on specific projects. And i love it, the world is full of bright minds to get inspired with and projects to keep learning from.

Thank you!


My aim is to use my graphic design passion and professional career, as a contribution towards a sustainable world. My visual professional skills and organization management competency as a channel for equality and peace.

“Designing social connections; creating difference – not indifference.” PARIS CLAVEL

I’m allways looking where I can put my skills to great use, do you have an exciting project? Or other questions related to design?
Please don’t hesitate to contact me, I would love to get to know you and your ideas!