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Hello! Throughout the years I have experienced lots of stages of graphic design. From conception to production, print and digital, I have come to understand the requirements of the creation process. My main expertise is the development and direction of branding projects, I am passionate to represent identity, creating visual language for each communication strategy case. Next to my experience in the field of branding I have also executed in the editorial field, where I have been involved in the creation of magazines, brochures, house organs and catalogs, following the hole design process, from photoshooting up to original files for printing.

My main characteristic as a designer is my sensibility towards visual language and my strategic mind.

I have diverse experience working with international clients and external partners: creative directors, photographers, producers, models, illustrators and developers, and coordinating work groups with creative professionals.

Nowadays I’m working remote for studios, festivals, editorials, movies, farms… from different countries. And sometimes i go inhouse to work on specific projects. And i love it, the world is full of bright creatives and entrepreneurs to get inspired with and keep learning.

Do you have an exciting project? Or other questions related to design?
Please don’t hesitate to contact me, I would love to get to know you and your ideas!




Available to work through Upwork.